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Medal Inquiry sheet by experienced buyers

Table Of Content

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What is the medal inquiry sheet that experienced buyers use?

The most important part of purchasing medals is communication. Due to the time difference, usually, it takes 2-3 days to confirm the details with the supplier, and sometimes it takes several weeks to reach an agreement. This process is too long. In order to improve communication efficiency and save customers time, we have prepared a detailed inquiry form for you, which experienced buyers commonly used, welcome to download it.

Medal inquiry sheet-Awardsgift

Introduction about medal inquiry sheet

There are two parts to this PDF sheet.

Part 1: which filled by yourself

A total of 12 tips can be filled in. after filled all, your request will definitely clear to the supplier.

In order to help you fill in quickly, we will introduce you to each content one by one.

  1. Material: it is the raw metal used to produce medals, including zinc alloy, iron, brass, PVC, wood, Acrylic. this inquiry sheet is also based on the first three materials.
  2. Size&Thickness: if you have a vector file in 1:1 scare you can tell the supplier that the medal size is followed vector file 1:1. if you only have a logo or image, below is a photo to show how to measuring height, width, and thickness.
  3. Plating color: Except for gold, silver, copper, there are many nice and eyecatching plating colors we can do. Below is a plating chart with 18 different plating color options. chose the one you like and fill in the sheet.
  4. Design: 2D or 3D? By communicating with thousands of events organizer, we found most of them didn’t know the difference between 2D and 3D, let me show you the difference by medal photos. Yes, it is clear to be seen, 2D medal surface is plain while the 3D medal surface is not.


  5. Color: like the above photo,2D medal with 2 colors (blue/white), 3D medal without color. If your medal design with various colors, you can tell us how many colors and send a design image with colors to us.
  6. Lanyard: you can choose plain lanyard no logo, silk print lanyard heat transfer lanyard to hold your medal on the neck. you can also send the lanyard design to us, we will suggest the best option for you.
  7. Packing:  standard packing is put each medal into a polybag. this can protect medals not scratched during shipment. while gift box packing request is also welcomed.
  8. Quantity: how many pieces for an order.
  9. Shipping address: your address or warehouse address.
  10. In-hand date: estimate or exact date time to have these medals in your hand. sometimes our clients will tell us the date of their event.
  11. Images: for design and photo for similar medals and lanyards you like.

Part 2: which filled by the supplier

After receiving the demand, the supplier will check the cost, there are 7 essential related details.

  1. Unit price per medal: there is no doubt that unit price is your main concern.
  2. Mold charge: for customized design before production, the supplier will set up a new mold, mold charge is the cost to set up mold. some times they will call ” sample charge” set up fee” and so on.
  3. Shipping cost: if you want the supplier to handle delivery, shipping cost is the cost for delivery from the factory to your address.
  4. Days for production: usually it will take 2-3 weeks for production, if your event is upon the corner, Days for production are very important to be clear before order. rush order requests can be matching HERE.
  5. Days for delivery: this time is related to the in-hand date and also for shipping cost. The economic delivery method will cost less but take a longer time.
  6. Price validation: Prices are affected by multiple factors, such as exchange rates, material prices, labor costs, etc. with price validation is a promise to you that within this period price is the same.
  7. Photo for similar products: you can see the quality of the supplier’s work by photos. what’s more, you can also let them take a video to show more details.

Have questions?  Contact us

If you are interested in more about the purchase medals in a competitive way or have other questions, welcome to contact us by WhatsApp live chat on our website or email us: [email protected]


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