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Medal Inquiry sheet by experienced buyers

Table Of Content

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We all know that the brave men and women who serve our country deserve to be rewarded with military service medals for their service. That is why government officer requesting military awards in order to honor those elite members of army forces, army air forces, navy, marine corps coast guard AND other department!

Do you have a sporting event coming up? such as marathon & half marathon,virtual race or challenge, Fun run & 5K running?

If you are an events organizer who has never ordered medals before, this article is perfect for your first time.

Buying awards medal is an important part when starting up an events, and it can take 2-3 weeks or more times for agreements to be reached between race director and medal supplier.

We want our loyal customers who buy from us every day have a smooth process so we prepared this quick-to use template that saves them hours in waiting around on phone calls or emails back and forth about pricing – It’s called The “Inquiry Form” (The inquiry form that experienced buyers use to save time!)

An easy way for you not only get in touch with us but also make things more convenient by providing all the information on one page.
We recommend downloading it so all information about your purchase goes smoothly without any problems or delays in delivery.

Download it now by clicking on this link:

Custom Medal Inquiry Sheet-365medals.com

Introduction about medal inquiry sheet

There are two parts to this PDF sheet. you only need to fill information on Part 1 where you write down all of the different things that might helpful for price checking and delivery. We know how difficult coming up with 12 unique ideas can be. Ready-made suggestions for your essay are available in this guide! it will allow customers like yourself to put their thoughts on paper quickly and easily – without having any trouble or confusion.

Part 1: Filled by you



The materials used for making medals can be roughly divided into six categories – zinc alloy, iron, brass, PVC, wood, Acrylic. This inquiry sheet focuses on the first three categories there are all metal material.
If you’re looking to make your own custom design with color matching available on request – just let me know what colors would best fit the event.

Size and thickness

If you have a vector file in 1:1 scale, then be sure to let our supplier know that the size of your medals are following this particular format. If not able or willing use an image for reference as well- below I’ve included some ways on how measure width/height & ribbon width when working with logos/imagery instead!

Plating color

The many different plating colors we offer will add a nice touch to your project. Below is our current selection of 18 options, choose one that best suits you and fill in this form!

18 plating colors for medal (1)


Designing an medal is no easy feat, but by communicating with thousands of organizers we found that most of them didn’t know the difference between 2-dimensional medal artwork and 3D medal models. The different is clear when looking at these samples which display below: A a plain 2d surface has only shape without detail or color contrast, there’s always something different about each model depending upon whether it’s rendered in polygonal style.  The word “3-dimensional” means having three dimensions: height (the vertical dimension), width( breadth) and depth which together make up all there is about something – it’s not just one perspective on an event but every possible angle you might see if stood next to them!


Like the above photo,2D medal with 2 colors (blue/white), 3D medal without color.

We offer a wide variety of colors for your medals! You can get blue and white 2D or 3-dimensional, plus any color you want. You can send us a picture of what these look like so we know how many different colors that will need to appear on medals.


Lanyards are the perfect way to make sure your medal stays with you at all times. We have a wide selection of lanyards for your needs! If you want to go with something simple, our plain ones are perfect. But if style is what gets YOU excited then check out some silk print or heat transfer designs – we think they’ll look great both on medals as well as keychains (good idea)! We’re happy either way because satisfaction guarantee here at 365medals.com


Packing is the important part of shipping! You want your medals to not only arrive in one piece but also stay beautiful and pristine. That’s why we ask for special packing when you order- try sending them silk bags or boxes wrapped up tight with custom patternsed like yours on top so no matter what happens during transport they’ll remain damage free

You can always request standard polybag service too though.


The more you buy, the better deal your get!

You’ll never believe this but there’s a huge selection of quantity options for every budget. So if buying just one piece or ten gets into too much debt then why don’t I show off my incredible pricing policy? You can choose between deals as low at $0.5-$2/pc for 100 pieces and also order 500pcs with an additional 10% discount.

Shipping address

We’re excited to ship your order! Make sure you provide us with a shipping address so that we can get started on delivering all of those beautiful medals.

In-hand date

We can always go with an in-hand date. This will ensure that you have your medals at the ready for when it’s time to give them out! We know our clients want everything planned ahead, so we’ll be able take care of everything from there too.

Part 2: Filled by medal supplier

After receiving your demand, we (professional medal manufacturer) will do their due diligence to make sure they are providing you with an affordable product. There’s 7 essential related details that need attention before shipping!

Medal Costs

Costs are made up of 5 components: Unit price per each piece of medal, Mold charge for custom design medal, Shipping cost,Import tax fee and Bank charge.

Unit price per medal:Don’t worry about the price of medals as we’ve got your back!

When you need a gold medal or silver medal, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We’ve got prices that will beat any competitor and quality durable enough to last your lifetime! Plus if this is your first time to order from us,when ordering more than 500 pieces at once we’ll throw in 10% off just because it’s our way of saying thank-you from all of us here at 365medals.com

Mold charge:Molding is the process of creating a new mold for each medal design, which means you can have custom medal designs before production. And medal supplier will set up your desired material and charge whatever they call it – “mold charge” or “set-up fee.”

Shipping cost: When you want medal factory to handle delivery, it’s their responsibility and cost. They will either ship from where they are located or send someone out on location as needed! It’s determined by two factors: how you want them to handle your package and where they’re located in terms or country location, as well at what shipping service used for transport.

Import tax fee it is cost you pay to country custom.

When you’re importing sporting gifts for an event,you’ll probably to encounter import tax fees on Medals,Tshirts,BIB numbers,Wristbands, Lanyards,Bags… you bring into the country. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We will help you reduce these costs,what’s more you can choose free duty shipping method.

By order from us those pesky fees won’t seem like such a big deal anymore. There is no hidden costs.

Here are articles which explain import duties in different countries.

How to save tariffs when import sporting gifts to UK

Import tariffs on medals in the EU

How much the US tariff duty for medals?

Times related to your medal orders

What’s more there are other informations you may also interested in such as “Days need to produce medals” “Days need for shipping” “Price validation” and “Photos for similar medals which produced before”

Days need to produce medals

We’re always eager to help you make your event a success. Production times depend on the size and urgency of orders, but should not be more than 2-3weeks when placed in advance; they can often come out even sooner! If there is something specific that needs immediate attention or if someone has put themselves ahead on our waiting list just so he/she could get an order done quicker – let us know by emailing [email protected]

Days for delivery

You need to consider how quickly you want your medal(s) delivered when choosing an shipping option. The economical way, such as by sea or train shipment will take longer than higher priced express services because they are less secure and can result in damage/loss during transport!

However you can get your package delivered quickly if it’s shipped via express shipping!

Price validation

When you place an order with us, we make sure that within this period of time and based on current exchange rates (or any other factor), the price will be exactly as promised.
We know how important it is for our customers to get a good deal–so much so that if one customer finds himself paying more than another simply because they placed their order at different times or locations then rest assured knowing there’s always someone watching out! Our team strives every day not only provide great products but also unbeatable service in hopes like these two things can mix together seamlessly by keeping costs down while still delivering high quality results.

Photo for similar medals

The quality of the supplier’s work can be seen by photos. They also let you take a video tour so that there are no surprises when your order arrives!

Have questions?  Contact us

We are always available to help you with any questions about purchasing medals or just want an update on how things have been going. You can contact us by live chat, emailing  [email protected]
We’re happy that we could answer your request and look forward for hearing from you soon!


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