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Not only medals, find more gifts for events, order them together to save costs!

A sport wristband is a small but powerful gift for participants. Two popular types are silicone wristbands and Tyvek wristbands.
Both are environmentally friendly, recyclable, customized welcome, and suitable for any special occasion.

Organizations, clubs, teams, and political parties use lapel pin badges to encourage team cohesion, sense of belonging, and recognition among members. According to processing,there are soft enamel lapel pin, hard enamel lapel pin, offset print pin badge, stamping pin badge, die casting badge

BIB numbers are the best way to differentiate participants from one another. There are many event applications available such as marathons, virtual races, triathlons, swimming, skiing, mountain biking, gymnastics, wrestling, baseball, hockey, soccer and football tryouts, dance contests, and more.

Quick-dry T-shirts with event information and logos can be sold in competitions, collections, and souvenir shops. According to logo finishing, there are Silk print sports T-shirt, Gold / Silver Foil logo sports T-shirt, Embroidery logo T-shirt, Sublimation sports T-shirt, Heat transfer T-shirt

Medals are the ultimate honor, and receiving one after a lot of effort is a thrill for everyone! Such as marathon medals, virtual race medals, triathlon medals, skiing medals, mountain bike medals, dance medals, swimming medals, gymnastics medals, baseball medals, football medals, carnival medals, and fiesta medals.

Sports towels that absorb sweat and dry quickly are indispensable fashion items to boost participant satisfaction. There is 6 regular dimension for cooling towel, 30*30cm, 40*80cm, 30*100cm, 30*110cm, 70*140cm, 80*160cm What’s more custom request can be matching!

Lanyard and ID holder is a commonly used sporting product for competitions. Commonly used styles can be purchased and reused, or they can be customized according to different competition purchases.

First aid kits are widely used in major sports events, especially outdoor competitions, such as trail running, mountain bike races, etc. First aid kits containing alcohol pads and bandages can assist athletes in treating abrasions caused by the competition.

Waterproof, wear-resistant, and lightweight custom-made finish drawstring bags for storing all the above supplies are the most useful event gifts. For the single-color logo, the silk-printing option is the best and economic option; For the multi-color logo, you can choose heat transfer to display colors well.

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