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6 Sports gifts for the 2021 Christmas run

Table Of Content

The Christmas Run is a popular holiday race that always draws attention. Now’s the time to prepare awards gift or sport event gifts for participants, whether you’re looking for something fashionable or fun! We’ve put together this basic list of what we think would be great beginnings if your unsure about where else too go:

Common awards gifts


The finisher medal is the perfect award for any race event. It can be personalized by adding your events logo,name,date or other text on them! Making it an excellent gift that will always remember those who participate in every aspect of what makes up this wonderful sport!
We offer custom medals with special designs, like Santa Claus head,Snowman, Sleds or Elk on top of snowflakes–whatever symbolizes Christmas in your culture.

Christmas run medal christmas story virtual run medal

Finisher bags

Participants can pack their belongings in the finisher bag to take home with them after an event. You can give out as runner’s kit or prize as well. The soft fabric makes it perfect for containing T-shirts, shoes and other items that might be needed at post-event celebrations such as race medal ,Badges, Bib number,Cooling towel, Wristband, First aid kits and so on!
No matter how you choose to Use yours – I’m sure that everyone will love getting one at events like these.

Christmas run tote bag (1) Christmas run tote bag (1) Christmas run finisher bag Christmas run finisher bag


Race fans will love cool new t-shirt even at work or out exploring.
The sports T-shirt is an excellent promotional gift for any race event. T-shirts features your event Logo and information,it is absolutely a perfect promotional gift to help you increase the visibility of your event!

For the family 5K fun run, you can prepare family-run T-shirts kits that will enjoy great popularity among registered families.

Sports Tshirts Christmas virtual run (1) Custom Tshirts for holiday run (1) Custom Tshirts for holiday run (1) Sports Tshirts Christmas virtual run (1)

How to make custom T-shirts?
It’s simple, just send us what you want printed on it and we’ll take care of everything else!

Merry Christmas Family Run Tshirts (1)


Fun and relaxing gifts

Christmas ornaments kits

These are special Christmas tree decoration ornaments kits, for 1 member to 7 family members.

These are the perfect way to get everyone in your family involved this Christmas! You can write their name and what they might be wishes for, then hang them on a special ornament kit. It’s an easy process that will make every person feel like part of something really important.

Family Name Christmas Ornament Kit 2021 2021 Christmas Ornament

Scarf face mask with Christmas holiday pattern

The new design is a hybrid of the mask and scarf. It’s perfect for 2021!

It’s a must-have to stay warm during winter! The latest trend in Japan for this season is the new “rakusaiser” or Santa Claus mask. This accessory comes complete with matching scarf that can be tied around your face like an muffler while also keeping you secure from any harsh winds outside on Christmas Eve night when everyone else has gone inside already because they’re too lazy/busy cooking up some food themselves instead of buying something pre cooked at restaurants these days (what). And if we’re talking about gifts – don’t forget how much more personalised everything seems nowadays thanks mainly due its innovation called ‘printing’ which makes every item stand out against each other quite beautifully

adult scraft face masks christmas holiday pattern (1) adult scraft face masks christmas holiday pattern (1)adult scraft face masks christmas holiday pattern (1) adult scraft face masks christmas holiday pattern (3)

Christmas face masks

Nowadays face masks have become a necessity in daily life,The joy of the season is here! Bring kids participants their own fun and festive Christmas face mask to keep them warm this winter. Our selection includes characters like Santa Claus, elves fromilerlande & more so they can be all ready for bundled up holiday adventures in no time at all.

Kids face masks christmas holiday (1)Kids face masks christmas holiday (1) Kids face masks christmas holiday (1)Kids face masks christmas holiday (1) 

Free services before order

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

These services can help you make sure that your purchase goes as smoothly and quickly possible, so don’t forget about them.

• Free quotes and design

• Thousands of sports-related gifts to choose from

• Commitment to delivering on time and within budget

• Experts with more than ten years experience assist in selecting suitable products

Let’s work together to make your next event a resounding success! We can create customized concepts for you and even utilize our in-house design team, which means more savings on cost without sacrificing quality. Your logo will be sure not only stand out but also entice an excited participants that is get involved in your events.

With our personalized, one-of kind products you can make a lasting impression on your participants. We ensure that it is durable and has excellent quality so they will never forget about the event!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to start customizing!

Email: [email protected]

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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