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How much the US tariff duty for medals?

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When purchase medals from China, in addition to paying product cost and freight, the import duties are another costs. How much import tariff duty in the USA?

In this article, we will introduce a website to check HS code and certain rates of duty.

What is HS code?

The full name of the HS code is Harmonized System (HS) Codes.

It is an international coding system that classifies imported and exported goods. When the goods arrive at the port of destination, it is used to identify the customs duty or tariff rate of the product. there are more than 205 countries that use it.

HS codes can also be used for other purposes, such as prohibiting the entry of prohibited or dangerous products.

What are the HS code and rate of duty for medals?

To check the exact HS code and rate of duty in the USA, we can visit this page


Typing: “medal” in search frame and searching.

We found the HS code is 9807.00.40 and the rate of duty is FREE.

What are other sporting gifts HS code and duty?


There are many search results for T-shirt, we can figure out suitable HS code based on material.such as T-shirt which made of cotton, General rate of duty is 16.5%

Metal badge

Usually, metal badges are made of cheap base metal and with electroplating coated. after searching it, we found 7210.90.6000 is a suitable HS code, the rate of duty is FREE

Drawstring bag

This article belongs to sports bags, HS code 4202.91.90 General rates of duty 4.5%


Cooling towel

Unfortunately, there are no results when we search cooling towels directly, instead of cooling towels we search towels as a category and find suitable HS codes based on article descriptions. There is a FREE rate of duty HS code that is 4818.20.00

Emergency blanket

Same as the cooling towel, there is no result for this article. we try to search ” HS code for emergency blanket HS code” by google. and get the answer” 3920.20″

Then fill this code in the system to double-check if the description is matching, yes, it is matching, the general rate around 4.2%

First-aid Kits

HS code 3006.50.000 Rate of duty is FREE

Contact us for more other items HS code and tax duty

If you want to know tax duty for other products please send the products name and your country name to us: [email protected]

We will continue to share import tax duty in the EU, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries.


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