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Real Case Study: Choose The Best Supplier For Sports Gifts

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Sports gifts are a must-have for any athlete. But what if you want to save some money? We’ve got the perfect article that can help!
Here’s one real case:
S is an event manager of a race club with around 500 members. They prepare 7-10 events for members each year. The number of participants ranged from 200-1000 people. Usually, She starts preparing sports gifts 2 months before the event date. many others event managers do the same.
On March 5, 2021, we received the first email from S. She told us that we need 300 5inch medals. And race day is May 1st

Real Case Study Choose The Best Supplier For Sports Gifts (2)
The following communication goes very smoothly, we designed the artwork for her, make quotations, and reached an agreement. Order confirmed on March 23. Payment receipt information was received on April 1, And medals arrival on the front door of the club on April 9, Impressive turn-over time!

From March to April, except for this project, S also asked us to design sporting gifts for the other 2 events.

After receiving the first batch of medals, these orders were confirmed.
S is a very nice and gentle person. by communicating with her, I can feel that she is a lady who smiles a lot, with good relationships with the members of the club and her daily lives, personally, I feel very happy to know her!

7 Real Case Study Choose The Best Supplier For Sports Gifts (9)
As she said there are few events in September and October, we suggest shipping all medals and T-shirts together by sea to save costs.
After each batch of products is completed, we take clear photos, including the front and back of a single product, packaging photos, and some interesting photos and videos, so that S can display these photos or videos on her club website. Used to attract more contestants to join.

8 Real Case Study Choose The Best Supplier For Sports Gifts (8)
We do not only high-quality products to customers but also, more importantly, value-added services, which can help customers increase their profits!
According to S requirement, all products need to arrive before August 29th. One of the medals is received no later than August 12th. Now it is June 4th. The current shipping schedule by sea is 45-60 days. In this case, We provide 3 transportation methods with the specific cost and estimate delivery time for S’s reference, and carefully explained to her that the current global epidemic is not completely over, which may cause a certain delay risk to the shipping schedule. (This is what we do always). We will provide a variety of detailed solutions for customers to choose from and inform them of possible risks. And respect the customer’s choice.

9 Real Case Study Choose The Best Supplier For Sports Gifts (3)

In the end, S chose Option C and we are now arranging shipment. subscribe to us to know more about real cases.


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