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How To Custom Tyvek Wristbands

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What are Tyvek wristbands?

Tyvek wristband is a disposable wristband made of Tyvek material.
Tyvek in pure white color looks like. It is high-density polyethylene that is processed into continuous filaments after thermal melting and then thermally bonded. This unique process technology allows Tyvek to combine the material properties of paper, film, and fabric. All in one, combined with the characteristics of Tyvek material: waterproof, breathable, lightweight, toughness, tear resistance, puncture resistance, high reflectivity, diffuse reflectivity, UV resistance, unique texture, and touch, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
And compatible with various printing technologies and most digital printing technologies, suitable for a variety of processing techniques. DuPont paper disposable wristbands are widely used. Because they can print anti-counterfeiting labels (barcodes, QR codes, serial codes, etc.) on DuPont paper, they can be used as identification, so they are widely used in various admission tickets, such as Concerts, KTVs, Amusement parks, Football, Basketball, Softball and other Sports events, Night Bars, Cinemas, etc.


How to use it?

It is very simple, Just tear off the sticker on one end of the bracelet, wrap your hand around your wrist and glue it to the other end.

And organizer will take this wristband as a ticket/identification for admission. which can save a lot of time for ticket checking.

What’s more, there is an anti-counterfeiting label on this wristband, tearing it up is invalid.

How to customize?

Commonly used bracelets have 2 sizes, 19*250mm 25*250mm, suitable for children and adults respectively.

The basic design is shown in the figure

You only need to send the artwork to us. Our design team will provide you with a design drawing for your reference according to the size and requirements you specify, and it can meet the multi-color requirements.


The customized MOQ is 500pcs each. There are activities now.

Customers who order 500pcs medals will get 500pcs customized Tyvek wristbands for free.

Don’t hesitate, Contact us to start customizing now!



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