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Which Logo Finishing Is Best For Your Race Shirts?

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The most important clothing for any major sports event is the T-shirt. It has comfortable fabrics and loose design, which can adapt to various stretches during sports. No clothing can clearly express one’s views and positions like T-shirts. For example, the marathon T-shirt, usually the organizer will provide the event LOGO printed such as this Adidas BOSTON MARATHON® QUALIFIED TEE.

So what are the best logo finishing for your race shirts?
What’s the best way to design your logo on a race shirt? You could go with one of these six popular types,silver foil, gold foil, embroidery, sublimation, and heat transfer.

Silk printing race T-shirt

Silk print is a type of screen printing that uses silk fabric, synthetic fiber cloth or metal mesh to create an image on the surface. The process begins by stretching these materials onto bamboo frames which will be engraved with ink resorts before being installed into presses where they are exposed for hours under heat and pressure so as obtained form “screenprints”
It should also mention how modern day screens can now take much less time than traditional methods because there isn’t always need for separate development steps following exposure – some products may contain photosensitive elements such as silver salt papers used in offset printer.


Race Tshirts Silk print workshop

Work principle

Tshirts silk print work principle

T-shirt display

Silk print sports T shirt

Silver foil / Gold foil T-shirts

When you need your logo be eye-catching,what’s better than using something that has an awesome metal effect? The silver foil and gold foil process by using the principle of hot pressure transfer to transfer the aluminum layer to the surface of the substrate, the finished logo layer will form a special metal effect. In fact, in addition to gold and silver, aluminum foil paper has many other metal colors and different textures available for whatever taste you have or request of theirs—you can’t go wrong when choosing what type of paper they’ll love at first sight.

More Colors & Textures

more color and texture for gold foil logo finsihing

Silver foil logo T-shirt display

Silver foil sports T shirt

Gold foil logo race shirt display

Gold foil sports T shirt

Embroidery sports T-shirt

Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on a fabric by needles and threads.The world of embroidery is one that’s rich with history and tradition. From the elaborate stitching on formalwear to represent status or honor, all across Asia you’ll find people wearing their pride in this art form on display for everyone else’s admiration–and sometimes eveneto take part yourself! Even if it might seem like something out-of date.
Modern computer embroidery is mainly used. The computerized embroidery system is a kind of engineering CAD. It uses computer-aided design functions to convert the designer’s ideas into stitch point signals on media such as disks or paper tapes and uses this information to control the computerized embroidery machine to complete the embroidery work.The output should be more creative.

Video for embroidery T-shirt production

Embroidery sports T-shirts display

Embroidery sports T shirts

Sublimation marathon T-shirt

Sublimation printing is a new process that allows you to print patterns on any commodity with full color images or photos. This type of printer uses special transfer paper and an ink combination so they can be accurately applied at high temperatures during pressure point transfer processes, which results in vibrant designs being imposed onto products like t-shirts


Production process:

First: Make high-resolution pictures;With the high-resolution picture and printed pattern, you can make a one of kind product in minutes.

Second: Print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper through the thermal transfer printer, hundreds of meters in an hour;

Third: The pattern can be printed on the product with ordinary machinery such as a hot stamping machine. With modern technology, you can print high-resolution pictures on products in an instant. The process is simple and one time without color registration ensures that your design will turn out perfect every single time!

Sports TEE display

Sublimated marathon T shirt

Heat transfer T-shirts

The heat transfer, the color is bright and realistic. This means that you can print any image onto a piece of plastic film to be applied as stickers or patches by applying adhesive in order for it stick securely on whatever surface is desired- making these great customization options!
This type involves heating up certain resins which become sticky when they’re ready so all we have left are our beautifully designed designs before us; then comes time enough pressure from an exacting machine gunolver.

Common ones are offset heat transfer and foam heat transfer

The offset heat transfer is made by four-color overprinting. The color effect can achieve the photo effect (person, landscape, etc.), and the color is washable and stretchable.

Foaming heat transfer is made of imported environmentally friendly materials so that the pattern surface has an obvious concave-convex three-dimensional effect, which is very three-dimensional. The environmental protection standard meets the international children’s fabric requirements and has good fastness.

In addition, there is Glittering heat transfer, Flocking heat transfer, Luminous heat transfer, silicone label heat transfer, and so on.

Heat transfer logo finishing for Tshirts

T-shirt display

Heat transfer sport T shirt

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