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Craftsmanship: Processes To Make July 1 Medal

Table Of Content

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What is The July 1 Medal?

The July 1 medal represents the highest honor of the Communist Party of China and the characteristic of our time.

The medal visualizes our understanding of the party showing the simple nature of the Party members.

It conveys the message that our Party will stay true to its original aspiration, and will continue to work for and serve the people.

There are 5 units jointly designed and cast the July 1 medal. that is:

Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, Beijing Gongmei Group, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (Names not listed in order)

“The medal doesn’t have to be luxurious, nor cumbersome.” He Jie (Member of the Design and Production Team for Party and State Medals of Honor)

It took nearly a year to design and make a prototype of the medal.

“Our design team made a lot of drafts and made countless revisions.

The medal is very important because it represents the image of the country.

And medal, through its image and material contains a kind of identification and embodies our beliefs. I think (in the design), we should embody the Party’s ideal, which is to stay true to the original aspiration and serve the people. and this means to be even more honest and more dedicated.”

During the design process, you actually studied the Party history again.


The design concept for July 1 medal

The July 1 Medal measures 65mm in diameter. The body is composed of the classic elements of the Party emblem, five-pointed star, flag, the light and monument sunflower, mountains and rivers, and auspicious clouds.

The selected elements must be known to the public. and it has to integrate the classic and the time. Some of the elements apparently represent the image of our Party.

A lot of connotations must be incorporated into the square inch and the elements must be coordinated with each other.

The Party emblem is in the middle, highlighting the Party’s leadership.

The five-pointed star symbolizes Communism’s ideals. meaning they are being passed on.

The banners are on the outside, we will always strive for the realization of revolutionary ideals.

A cluster of obelisks is presented as a light splash, symbolizing the Party’s glorious history and great achievements.

The sunflowers surround the Party emblem, which symbolizes the whole Party and the people of the country uniting around the CPC Central Committee closely.

Behind the sunflowers, there are mountains and rivers, which symbolize the ideals and pursuits of Communist Party members.

Further outside, there is a shape of auspicious clouds, reflecting the prosperity of the country.

“The biggest gain during our design process is that we got a deeper understanding of the Party

Only when you do it accurately can you convey the power of it.”

The highest level of design is simplicity. Don’t add too many complicated things, Don’t maintain something vague and leave flaws and regrets.

“We, as craftsmen, tried our best to make this important medal almost perfect.

We put our full efforts into embodying the concept of the plane with three dimensions.

We made adjustments step by step to the medal dozens or even 100 times.”


Production steps for July 1 medal

The “July 1st Medal” takes simplicity and dignity as its main design concept, with red, gold, and white as the main colors, and is produced by cold pressing, filigree inlay, and colored silk brocade.

There are seven steps:

Smelting, Pressing, Holding film, Casting, Electroplating, Enameling, and Assembly.

And more than 10 processes, Handcraft techniques account for 60%

Filigree inlay: Which is China’s intangible cultural heritage, is the most complex and exquisite craft in the production process.

The finishing touch is the filigree inlay craftsmanship. Which actually existed during the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.-476 B.C.) and Warring States Period in China (475 B.C. – 221 B.C.) representing the highest level of craftsmanship.

The threads we put out are all 0.25mm, which is the thickness of the there strands of hair. Pure hand-made filigree looks better than machine-spun filigree.

To make the centenary medal perfect, we chose hand-made methods.

“When we did the work, we did it in one take. We pull each of these filaments and held our breath. Once it was finished, we took a sigh of relief. Then we pull the next and held our breath again.” said of craftsman.

Because this medal represents the highest honor of the Party, the design should be economized and plain, not luxurious. But the crafts should be exquisite, as the highest-level medals should be created with perfection.


Usage for July 1 medal

Ahead of the centenary of the founding of the Party, Chairman Xi will personally confer the July 1 medal to 29 Ordinary CPC members who make a great contribution to society.

They are representing the Chinese spirit, the medal is an embodiment of national aesthetics.

These medals will never out of date. The state’s recognition of these figures on July 1 will also inspire the whole Party and the Chinese people to learn from them.

Awards Gift values:

As craftsmen, we (Awardsgift)  keep in mind President Xi’s teaching: Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind!

Create extraordinary value for customers and society in ordinary positions!

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