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Buyer guide: How To Order Quick-Dry Sports T shirt

Table Of Content

What is a quick-dry T-shirt?

A quick-dry T-shirt is a T-shirt that has been designed to dry quickly. This type of T-shirt is often made from moisture-wicking fabric, which helps to pull sweat and moisture away from the skin and keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Quick-dry T-shirts are ideal for activities such as running, hiking, or cycling, as they help to keep you cool and dry during even the most strenuous workouts. Many quick-dry T-shirts also feature anti-odor technology, which helps to keep your shirt smelling fresh no matter how hard you work up a sweat. If you’re looking for a T-shirt no matter it is long sleeve or short sleeve that will help you stay cool and comfortable during any activity, be sure to check out our selection of quick-dry T-shirts.

running marathon t shirt

Fabric and advantages

The polyester fiber fabric is a high-tech moisture wicking material that can quickly absorb and diffuse sweat. It won’t pill or age like cotton, but it’s also durable enough for tough workouts!
The quick dry T shirt has unique textile technology with the characteristics of strong water absorption & good air permeability; 2 – 3 times stronger than commonils . This kindof clothes isn’t prone to pilling making them easy clean up after exercise.


There is no minimum order quantity for plain short sleeve T-shirts or stock short sleeve T-shirts.We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.
Want to get your logo on our shirts? We’ve got you covered! For custom designs, the minimum order quantity is 100-500 pieces. However it depends on what kind of finish or graphic design option that fits best with whatever style and color preference(s) you have in mind. We will introduce popular logo finishing on below article, Keep reading!

Buyer guide: How to order?

Based on the length of sleeves,there are long sleeve T-shirt and short sleeve T-shirt. On this article we are mainly discuss about short sleeve T-shirt, if you have demand or questions about long sleeve T-shirt,please feel free to email us: jie@365medal.com we are glad to hearing from  you!

Customizing a sports t-shirt is as easy and straightforward with our guided steps.before order quick dry t shirt

Step 1: Choose material & color

Polyester fabric is the standard quick-drying T-shirt material.This type of fabric is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body, which helps keep you cool and comfortable during physical activity. Additionally, polyester fabric doesn’t absorb sweat or odors, making it a great choice for athletes or anyone who wants to stay cool and fresh all day long. There are 8 basic colors always in stock, and we produce new colors every month to suit your needs! If you want a full sublimation sports shirt instead of just one color on top then head over here  for more info – our team will help get everything picked out perfectly so it doesn’t matter what sport or event they’re competing in when wearing this awesome design.”

quick dry t shirt colors

Step 2: Sent logo design

Logo files in PDF/EPS/AI will be great, JPG or PNG file works too. The quality of your logo directly affects how clear it is finished; what’s more we need to know if you’re putting on the front chest area for printing purposes (in which case there are some specific guidelines about colors) as well as whether its silk screening silver foil gold ink embroidery sublimation etcetera…so let me explain these processes further down!

Considering the length of the article, we will ask you to introduce various processes in detail in the next article.

running t shirt logo technology

Step 3: Break size & quantity

You can find your perfect size at our website! We have sizes from S to XXXXL, and the best part is that you don’t need an appointment or any special skills. Just share this chart with all registers in order for us determine how many of each item needs shipped back out there while also providing feedback on what types preferences people might want more often than others so we’ll prepare accordingly next time around. Don’t hesitate to tell us your request!

sports t shirt size chart

Step 4: Determining shipping method

By express

With express shipping, you can ensure safety and fast delivery time. For priority service – 3-5 working days; economical option: 7-10 postal articles will be delivered within this period! You are able to choose which one suits your event date best based off what’s more important for YOU–the customer!

By air

We can competitively price for large volume shipments, such as 1000pcs T-shirts. Usually it will take 2 weeks to deliver your order!

By sea

You can have your coffee at home and wait for the courier to dispatch goods with this door-to-door delivery service!

The most economic shipping method, it will be only half cost as above two shipping method, while the delivery time will around 30-60days for delivery, it depends on your location. if your events at  3 months later, personally I suggest this method in order to save cost.

Step 5: Receive offer

When we get your requirements, the best offer for you will be free.

Looking for a discount? our representative will help you out. please contact: jie@365medals.com



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