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Buyer guide: How To Order Quick-Dry Sports T shirt

Table Of Content

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What is a quick-dry T-shirt?

Sports enthusiasts should be familiar with quick-dry T-shirts. It is uncomfortable to sweat when exercising. Ordinary clothes are not breathable enough, and sweat can only evaporate after being left on the body for a long time, which greatly affects our exercise experience, and sometimes it is easy. cold. At this time, it is necessary to have a quick-dry sports T-shirt. Its drying speed is 50% faster than cotton fabric!

running marathon t shirt

Fabric and advantages

The quick-dry T-shirt fabric is generally made of polyester fiber. The fabric textile technology is different from ordinary fabrics. It has the characteristics of high water absorption and good air permeability. It is 2-3 times stronger than ordinary cotton. It can quickly absorb and diffuse the sweat on the surface, accelerate the evaporation, and make you refreshed and comfortable. This kind of fabric is not prone to pilling and aging and is easy to clean.


There is no minimum order quantity for plain T-shirts or stock T-shirts. for custom logo design, minimum order quantity from 100pcs to 500pcs, it depends on logo technology, we will introduce popular logo finishing on below article, Keep reading!

Buyer guide: How to order?

Don’t worry, If you don’t have experience purchasing custom sports t-shirts online before, it is easy to follow our steps.before order quick dry t shirt

Step 1: Choose material & color

The standard quick-drying T-shirt fabric is polyester fiber.

There are 8 basic colors always in stock, we have new colors on production every month, welcome to contact us to check more. if you are looking for a full sublimation sports t-shirt, please ignore this step.

quick dry t shirt colors

Step 2: Sent logo design

Logo file in PDF/EPS/AI will be great, A high definition and clear JPG/PNG file are also workable.

The quality of the logo file directly determines the clarity of the logo’s finishing.

What’s more, please tell us the logo position(is it on the front chest or back or full T-shirt) and technology(silk printing, silver foil, gold foil, Embroidery, Sublimation, Offset printing) you select, we will make artwork for your approval.

Considering the length of the article, we will ask you to introduce various processes in detail in the next article.

running t shirt logo technology

Step 3: Break size & quantity

Our available sie from S to XXXXL, size chart details as below. please share this chart with all registers, and send break quantity for each size to us.

Custom size can be matching, don’t hesitate to tell us your request!

sports t shirt size chart

Step 4: Determining shipping method

By express

Safety and fast shipping method, delivery time for priority service are 3-5 working days, economic shipping takes 7-10 working days for shipping. you can select a suitable one based on the event date.

By air

Competitive for large volume shipment, for example, 1000pcs T-shirts. usually, it will take 2 weeks for delivery.

By sea

The most economic shipping method, it will be only half cost as above two shipping method, while the delivery time will around 30-60days for delivery, it depends on your location. if your events at  3 months later, personally I suggest this method in order to save cost.

There are Door-to-door delivery services, you can enjoy your coffee at home and wait for the courier to dispatch goods to your front door!

Step 5: Receive offer

After details are clarified, you will receive the best offer for free.

Looking for a discount? our representative will help you out. please contact: [email protected]



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