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10+ Novelty UV Print Running Medals

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What is UV print running medal?

The UV printing running medal is a medal made by using a UV printer to dry and solidify the ink through ultraviolet light.

Advantages of UV printing

  1. Environmental protection: UV inks are environmentally friendly because they do not cause the problem of volatile organic component (VOC) solvent volatilization.
  2.  Suitable for various materials: For example, the commonly used medal production materials such as copper, iron, zinc alloy, aluminum, acrylic, PVC, etc., can all be printed with UV.
  3. Gorgeous color: can meet the requirements of gradual color artwork, has a very high gloss effect, and has a comprehensive effect of anti-scratch and anti-scratch performance.
  4. Short production time: Unlike screen printing, which needs to make screens first, UV printing uses computer graphics, which can be processed immediately.

What kind of medal is suitable for UV printing?

Traditional medals use baking varnish to complete the color of the surface LOGO, but for medals with brilliant colors, production time and labor costs are headaches, because baking varnishing has strict requirements on product size and details. And the paint can’t make the effect of gradual color. Therefore, the use of UV printing for medals with more colors and gradient effects can greatly shorten the production time and save costs.

Production video of UV printing

Photo gallery of UV print running medal

Get UV print medal sample

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