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10+ Novelty UV Print Running Medals

Table Of Content

What is UV print running medal?

The exciting world of UV printing is a new dimension in the art and science that brings together light, heat and movement to create beautiful custom medals.
The UV printing running medal is a unique and stylish way to celebrate your ultra-endurance event. and encourage participants to across the finish line!

Advantages of UV printing

  1. Environmental protection: UV inks are environmentally friendly because they do not cause the problem of volatile organic component (VOC) solvent volatilization. This means that UV ink won’t harmlessly deposit harmful chemicals into our environment like other printing processes would!
  2.  Suitable for various materials:The UV printer can work with a wide variety of materials, printing in both color and black-and white. For example it is capable to produce medals that are made from copper iron or zinc alloy aluminum metal but also for PVC, Silicone and Acrylic for the occasion you need them on your own personalize event!
  3. Gorgeous color: The ink is vibrant and the colors are rich. it has a very high gloss effect, and has a comprehensive effect of anti-scratch and anti-scratch performance.It’s perfect for any project that needs an intricate design, like custom finish medals.
  4. Short production time: UV printing is a fast and efficient way to produce sports medals. Unlike screen-printing, it doesn’t require the use of screens which can take hours or even days depending on how complex they want their design process too be – but with UV poiting there’s no waiting around!

What kind of medal is suitable for UV printing?

The use of UV printing for medals with more colors and gradient effects can greatly shorten the production time, which is beneficial to both events organizers who want their achievements recognized quickly as well as gold medal winners looking forward to wearing them proudly.
The Traditional method has been using baking varnish since it’s inception; however this process comes at an price: high costs due largely from strict size requirements combined alongside unpredictable paint applications that lack any kind or gradual transitioning between shades on flat surfaces (like logos).

Production video of UV printing

Photo gallery of UV print running medal

Get UV print medal sample

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