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How to design cooling towel for runner?

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A cooling towel is a piece of essential equipment for runners. many event organizers will prepare a cooling towel with the event’s logo as a souvenir gift.

How to design a cooling towel?

First: Select a suitable dimension

As we know there is 6 regular dimension for cooling towel,30*30cm, 40*80cm, 30*100cm, 30*110cm, 70*140cm, 80*160cm. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

What will they look like with your logo on them?

Let’s take the Boston marathon cooling towel for example.

Second: Try several design options

You can try 1 logo, 2 logos, or full version logos on a towel like below and select the best one you like.

Custom requests can be matching, please contact our production manager with your request: [email protected]

Third: Make a sample for reference

Sample order is welcomed before mass production. so you can see what the finished cooling towel looks like.

Also if you want to make changes, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative.

Your satisfaction is our goal!

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