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How to design cooling towel for runner?

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A cooling towel is not just something that helps you maintain hydration when it’s hot outside-they also make great promotional items or gifts during events like marathons.
Event organizers are always looking for ways to make their events more memorable. One of the best things they can do is provide athletes with cooling towels, which often come complete with an event logo and offer them free of charge alongside other swag bag goodies after use during your race or festival participation!

How to design a cooling towel?

First: Select a suitable dimension

It’s hard to decide which one will be best. there are 6 regular dimension for cooling towel. 30*30cm that can fit into any bag or briefcase easily enough but if space isn’t an issue then I would go with either size 40*80cm, 30*100cm, 30*110cm, 70*140cm, 80*160cm. since they take up less room when storing and provide more surface area to add your events logo or slogan,and during use larger sizes offer plenty of extra comfort while keeping cool all day long too boot!!!


What will they look like with your logo on them?

The Boston marathon cooling towel is an excellent example of how runners can be proud to wear their city’s logo.Every year, thousands participate in the event and hundreds more watch from outside routes because they’re given this unique chance not only refresh themselves with water but also show support for those who run 26 miles on hot pavement!


Second: Try several design options

Our design team will create artwork for you. You can try 1, 2 or even 3 logos on your towel below and select which one best embodies what it is that represents “Your Business”. Custom requests are also welcomed! Email us at jie@365medals.com
We’re excited to work with all different types of businesses so let’s chat about how we’ll put together an award-winning package just right for YOU!!


Third: Make a sample for reference

Stop wondering what your next cool towel is going to look like! You can see a sample order before mass production, so you know that the finished product will match whatever style and color preferences you have. If there’s anything about our products or services which could improved on contact us with any questions-we’re always happy when customers take advantage of these features themselves by making changes needed for their specific needs (which we hope everyone does!).



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