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5 Essential Infos Before Order Cooling Towels

Table Of Content

What is a cooling towel?

The cooling towel is a function of the human body that can be used to absorb sweat and reduce heat. This invention has been around since ancient times, but it’s only recently started becoming popular in modern society because people love exercising!
Sweating is a natural part of exercising. The cooling towel can absorb your body’s sweat, and reduce its temperature by up to 30%.
What makes this function? It works like any other terry cloth – just wipe yourself down with one after finishing an intense workout!

Working principle

Sweat isn’t just water. It’s sweltering with an average of 90% humidity, and it contains way more than just salts! You might think that shaking off this excess moisture will help cool you down – but no matter how much time passes after wiping your brows (or wherever), there’ll still be some left behind as well due to our bodies’ natural ability at evaporation; which is why these towels work so effectively by taking advantageof physical structure-driven processes within their polymers fibers themselves.

The cooling towel is made of special fibers which use a unique honeycomb-shaped 3D three-dimensional textile technology. The density of this fiber is similar to that of capillaries, which can lock the moisture of the towel for up to five hours.

The principle of the cooling towel is to use the physical structure of the polymer fiber itself, while the water molecules volatilize, take away the surface heat, reduce the body temperature, and achieve a cooling effect. If it becomes hot after wiping the sweat, shake it and it will become cold again immediately.

Not only that, this type of towel uses reactive printing and dyeing technology which does not contain formaldehyde, and does not contain fluorescent agents, and is a towel that can be used with confidence.

Where to use?

These towels are like a breath of fresh air! They’re antibacterial, anti-mite and UV (ultraviolet) so you can stay cool without having to worry about dryness. Plus they’ll quickly dry after use – perfect for when your workout is over or if it’s time to head back out in the heat again soon!

What’s more cooling towels also with advantages such as Anti-static, breathable, and quick-drying! lt is a perfect choice for people who are involved in endurance sports or gym fitness. It can also be used while running and marathoning, outdoor adventures like baseketball games – the list goes on!

cooling towel usage place

How to use it?

The best way to use this product is by soaking it in hot or cold water, then twisting out all of the excess moisture. It’ll be ready for you afterwards! You can also shake them up and let those 3 seconds go by. you know what I mean?

  1. Soak: soak in hot or cold water
  2. Twist: wring dry
  3. Shake: Shake for 3 seconds, and instantly become cold

cooling towel cooling 36 degrees (2)

How to customize?

Regular size recommendations

30*30cm Square scarf size Suitable for wiping the face, glass instruments, glasses, lens sheets, precision instruments, etc.
40*80cm Household towel size
30*100cm Sports towel size Customized sizes for sports events
30*110cm Longer sports towel size
70*140cm Bath towel size
80*160cm Beach towel size

Color options

We have 7 popular colors in stock, but if you want to customize your color just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

in-stock color for cooling towels

Logo finishing

Custom logos provide a high-impact way to promote your business. They’re perfect for events and sponsorships.
To finish your custom logo design more stand out, there are six popular methods:

Digital printing is the process that produces high quality images and text with crisp lines, vibrant colors or special effects such as gloss finish on cooling towels – it can make your product stand out from others in a crowd!

Silk printing – The process where natural silk threads are applied to paper, cloth or other surfaces in order create artwork with intricate patterns and exquisite colors.

Heat transfer-The process of using heat to transfer material from one surface or shape, if you wanted make cooling towel with the pattern sewn into it transferring directly from another piece – this would work!

Gold and silver foil stamping has become very popular in recent years. This technique involves applying a thin layer of gold or silver onto an object with another material.

Rubber printing is a process that produces vibrant, long-lasting prints. The most common types of rubber used for this purpose come in sheets known as emulsions or mats which can be either waterbased (with ink) or oil based that will not harm the material base.

Embroidery is a form of decorative stitching on textiles, often using thread or yarn. The term “embroidered” can be used to refer either to the ornate design itself.Cooling towel printing techonology

Minimum order quantity(MOQ)

Our team is excited to bring you this new style! The Regular size without logo can be shipped out in 2 pieces, but if your order requires more than 200pcs per design we recommend choosing a Custom or bigger option instead.

Artwork design

Send us your logo and we’ll create a custom design for you!
We’re excited to offer this free service, so feel free stop in or call anytime. You can also email progress photos at any time: jie@365medals.com.

how to design a cooling towel

Packing options

We have many different types of packaging options to ensure that your order arrives safely.
The standard and economic package are OPP(polybag), other packing options are available. such as Mesh drawstring bag, Head card, PVC bag with carabiner, Tin box, Pet Bottle, Zipper bag,Rubber bag, Plastic bottle, Card cover please check here:

various package for cooling towels


The delivery time is 1-3 days for in-stock cooling towels and 1-2weeks for custom design.

The specific lead time will be based on actual conditions.

Check price here

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