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9 Types Accessories For Pin And Badge

Table Of Content

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According to my past 9 years of production experiences, except butterfly clutches, in order to suit different clothes, caps, bags, or uniforms, clients are also interested in having different accessories for pins and badges.

If you are, keep reading.

In this article, we will introduce 9 types of accessories for pin and badge in total.

Butterfly clutch

There is no doubt that the butterfly clutch is the most commonly used pin attachment. a set of butterfly clutch includes 1 blank needle and 1 clutch. clutch in 11.5mm/0.453inch diameter and 6mm height, to matching lapel pin color, there are 4 colors can be chosen: gold, silver, antique bronze, and black nickel.

There are two types of blank needles, for normal lapel pins, usually, we use a needle with 4.5mm/0.178inch bottom space, for lapel pin in the cutout design, if there is no enough metal space we will welding a small bottom needle on the backside (around 1.8mm/0.07inch – 2.2mm/0.087inch). Also, there are different lengths for both of them. from 8mm/0.315inch to 14mm/0.552inch. 8mm/0.315inch is the standard length.

If you didn’t mention a special requirement, usually we use a 4.5mm bottom blank needle in 8mm/0.315inch length.

butterfly clutch

Rubber clutch

Rubber clutch widely used for enamel pins, tie tacks, citation bars, service bars, and jewelry, good for jewelry making and DIY craft projects. Made in PVC rubber with a good grip of a pin, keep pin tight and they are not easy to fall off.

There are 11mm/0.433inch in diameter, 7mm/0.276inch in height; multi-colors, and different shapes available.

rubber clutch

Jewelry clutch

Jewelry clutch also named as a deluxe pin clutch back, Made of high-quality brass material, with shiny gold and shiny silver two colors, provides superior locking power!

There are two types, one with a flat head the other with a round head. both in 10mm/0.394inch diameter, flat jewelry clutch in 7mm/0.276inch height but round head jewelry clutch in 9.5mm/0.375inch height.

If your badge pin projects are customized for government, army, enterprise in luxury quality, jewelry clutch will play an important role.


jewelry clutch

Safty pin (safety pin)

For nameplates, badges, cap badges, police badges usually they will have a safty pin (safety pin) back, Because the size is bigger and more stable.

There are three types of safety pins as below: safety pin with metal head, simple safety pin, and separated safety pin. full width and length details list on the below image. for a 50mm/1.969inch width nameplate, you can choose a 32mm/1.26inch width safety pin as back fitting. For a 76.2mm/3inch height police badge, 50mm/1.969inch separated safety pin is the best option.

If you need suggestions, welcome to contact our production manager here, your message will be replied to within 1-2 days.

safty pin

Long needle

When wearing a lapel pin on a suit collar, you need a long needle-back attachment.


The total length around 52mm/2.05inch, brass cap is 10mm/0.394inch

Lapel pin long needle is the best choice for gentlemen.

long needle


The above-mentioned pin badges need to have small holes on the clothes or collar when they are worn. If there are no holes or you don’t want to puncture your clothes. you need magnets!

As we know that magnets can attract with iron, for die-struck pins, we will put a magnet on the back directly. for brass lapel pin or zinc alloy lapel pin, an iron plate will be needed to attach to the back pin first.

The following are the best-selling magnet styles, you can choose the most suitable style according to the size and weight of the badge.

BADGE Magnets (1)

Others (U-feet / 3M sticker / Screws)

Well, if you didn’t find the right accessories for the lapel pins, don’t worry, U-feet, 3M sticker, Screws, and another request can be matching, welcome to contact us directly with your inquiry: [email protected]

U feet 3M sticker Screws




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