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Which New year race medal will impress you most?

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It is always exciting to receive a medal for running at the start of a new year.
For example, the Chinese new year race medals. These medals have a novel and unique design that incorporates Chinese elements including the Chinese zodiac, lanterns, coins, and good wishes.
Red is usually the dominant color, which symbolizes good fortune. The Year of the Tiger 2022 is here. Which medal will impress you most?

The 2022 Year Of Tiger race medal

2022 Year of tiger race medal - Awardsgift (2)

Glow in the dark Year Of Tiger running medal

Glow in the dark Year of Tiger Running Medal-Awardsgift

Good fortune Chinese new year race medals

 Chinese new year running medal - Awardsgift (1)Chinese new year running medal - Awardsgift (1)

Transparent enamel 2022 New year run medal

Transparent enamel 2022 new year run medal-Awardsgift

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