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18 Plating Colors For Medal

Table Of Content

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Plating color collection

Although there are only a few metals used to produce medals in the awards gift industry, there is the various color of the metal surface.

Such as Brass, Gold, Matt gold, Antique brass, Antique gold, Silver, White nickel, Chrome, Matt silver, Antique silver, Nickel, Matt nickel, Antique nickel, Black nickel, Dye black, Copper, Matt copper, Antique copper…

To compare the color difference, please click here:

18 plating colors for medal (1)

What is the principle of plating?

Plating is also known as electroplating, is an indispensable production step for medal production.

Electroplating color is also an essential content in the medal inquiry form.

Discover full details about the medal inquiry form by click HERE.

The working principle of electroplating is that in the salt solution containing the metal to be plated, the base metal to be plated is used as the cathode. Through electrolysis, the cations of the metal to be plated in the plating solution are deposited on the surface of the base metal to form a plating layer.

There are many useful videos on youtube to explain this process, here is one of them, click HERE

What are these advantages of plating?

Reduce costs

For example, 2016 Olympic gold medals are nearly 99 percent recycled silver. They contain just 1.2 percent gold by plating.

2016 RIO olympic gold medal

Enhance appearance

Make the product have a beautiful and diverse color appearance. More lustrous and attractive.

Reduce friction

Electroplating can make the metal surface smooth, thereby reducing friction and scratches.

Prevent discoloration

Raw materials such as brass, iron, zinc alloys are easily oxidized and discolored in the air, and electroplating can prevent premature discoloration of metals.

Different plating colors RIO Olympic Medals

RIO olympic medal different color

Does your plating process is ECO-friendly?

The answer is yes!

Our factory is an NBCUniversal audit environmental friendly factory, we insist on apply materials with ROHS and EN71-3 standards. Contact us for more details: [email protected]




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