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Why does the Tokyo Olympics medals peeling?

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Tokyo Olympics medals peeling

It has been a month since the end of the Tokyo Olympics. Recently, an athlete shared that his gold medal was “skinned” on the Internet. The coating on the area next to the patterned wing had peeled off and the area was expanding. The athlete himself was very surprised by this phenomenon, so he shared it online and asked other people if they had the same experience. Netizens also expressed surprise at this. Some people commented that if you cut out a little bit, you might be able to pick out the chocolate.

Let's see if our medal will peeling?

We (Awardsgift) is a professional medal factory with over 10 years of export experience and already provide high-quality gold medals for thousands of international events.

I quickly prepared a few gold medals and wiping them harder. Let me see if our medals will peel off?

The Answer is No, after wiping, our gold medal looks more shiny and golden!

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So why did the Tokyo Olympic medals peeling?

On the 25th, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stated that the peeling part was not gilded, but a coating to prevent small scratches, dents and stains from appearing on the medals, and “does not affect the quality of the medals themselves.”

Let us look at this spalling problem from a professional point of view, which is actually a defect in electroplating quality. 

The Tokyo Olympics medals are known as the most environmentally friendly medals. The raw material is waste. 

According to the Kyodo News Agency of Japan, the gold medal of the Olympic Games weighs about 556 grams and the silver medal weighs about 550 grams. Here I want to say that the gold medal is not pure gold, but more than 6 grams of gold is plated on top of pure silver. The silver medal is made of pure silver, and the bronze medal is made of 450 grams of brass with a small amount of zinc. The thickness of the gold plated layer is about 0.03 mm, which is very thin. Since the main body is recycled material, the purity is low. The adhesion of the electroplating layer is poor, and the surface of the medal is not cleaned before electroplating, and there may be oil stains or oxides on the surface.

And finally the adhesion of the coating is not firm. It is not surprising that there is peeling.


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