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Top10 Online Medals Stores In Germany

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Top10 Online Medals Stores In Germany

Top10 Online Medals Stores In Germany

Germany is a well-known country for its many marathon events. If you’re an organizer of such an event, you’ll need to get your medals from one of the top10 online medals stores in Germany. Here are the best ones!

Trophy Center

Trophy Center with 2 Miles from Ramstein Air Base, East Gate,established in business since 70 years.and are proud of the reputation for being one of the leading companies in awards field, in Germany. The Owners of the Business ~ Sandra & J. R.  Kulbick ~ are the 3rd Generation of  Professional Engravers. They are constantly improving and modernizing our techniques and machinery, which allows them to always offer best quality for good & fair price. All across Europe and USA, they supply several military organizations Europe and USA wide. such as US Army / US Air Force USAF / US Space Force USSF / Bundeswehr / Nato Logos.

The range of products is endless: Plate Plaques, Town Board Village Sign Plaques, Glass Awards, Printed Mugs, Guidons, Embroidery, Trophies, Plaques, Coins, Paper Weights, Frames, Desk sets, Eagles, Patches, Medals,  Plastic and Metal Emblems, Stickpins, A Variety of Tin, Glass and Pewter Plates and Figures, Mugs and Cups, Various Crystal and Glass Items and much more.

POMEKI Onlineshop

POMEKI is an online shop that sells single-piece medals with a very large range of sports. They offer a sensational range in a very large number of sports. With participation medals from 40mm to 50mm, mini cups, sports figures, mugs and trophies,The prices vary depending on the type and size, you can find something in every price category.For added benefits like customized logo wearing or club badge use (both popular), there’s no better place than Pomekis–they’ve got everything covered in one convenient location: active wear & accessories section along side collectable such as cups & figures…



Germany has more than 10 million sports fans, and they’re all having a blast! You can see this in our medals from marathons to football- we have the perfect design for you whether it’s personalized or not. Every order is carefully sculpted through more than ten stages of production before shipping off – but don’t take my word on it; check out 365 Medals online right now where prices will surprise even those biggest sticker shock optimists among us!

GS Pokale GmbH

GS Pokale GmbH is a leading sporting goods manufacturer that specializes in providing athletes with high-quality awards and prizes for any occasion. Their product line includes medaillen from 32mm up to 90 millimeters, perfect whether you’re looking forward or retro!

In addition they provide costumized solutions like plaques designed according your individual needs so no matter what event it may be; we’ve got an option just right fit.

Stieber GmbH & Co. KG

Germany’s largest manufacturer and wholesaler of club supplies,More than 15.000 honorary prizes, cups & trophies to order directly deliverable

instant availability from warehouse by ordering on the same day (for orders until 11:30am) Large scale at 7200m² with a large variety in 9000 items for any occasion such as personalize gifts or designing your own awards . Cups , glass tin medals plague memorial plaques professional consulting experienced staff experience engraving printing various refinement methods custom design – all this is possible now through them!

Pokale kaufe

Pokal-Fabrik Team – THE trophy specialist on the interne.

You will find all kinds of trophies and medaillens : cheap trophies, high quality trophies or medals, they have it all in our sports trophies range.

For many people, cups are a sign of victory. The goal of almost every championship or tournament is usually to win cups. At one of the largest suppliers of Stieber trophies, pokal-fabrik.de, you will receive a large selection of different types of trophies. If you are just looking for an individual gift, you will find gifts with engraving in our section. All engravings of the shields and gift articles are provided with a high-quality laser engraving and can be designed online.

Pokale ab Werk

With over 30 years experience in production and sales, they offer a large range of standard medals, trophies and other awards.

A wide range of bespoke products is also available, from individual club honours gifts to one-of-a-kind top-of-the-range trophies.

As manufacturers they promise the best possible purchase price and top quality – and all within very short delivery times.

H&S Pokal

Are you looking for cups or gift ideas for your sporting event?

Then you are exactly right in our trophy shop!!!

H&S Pokal offer you:a rich selection of cups and accessories (including metal, resin, glass and challenge cups, figurines, stands, emblems as well as other awards, prizes and gift ideas)

If you don’t know what to buy, don’t forget to vitis their site  they have release new products each month.


They have been manufacturing a wide range of gifts and sports trophies for you for over 50 years. They build on expertise in acrylic glass, crystal glass, metal and wood processing.

From the idea to delivery: All important work steps are carried out in-house.

Due to the generous equipment, excellent logistics and good transport connections (Zimmer is directly on the A 81), they are able to manufacture in short periods of time and guarantee fast delivery.

Medaillen-Pokale Bachinger

Medaillen-Pokale Bachinger is an online shop in Germany that sells medails and pokali. You can find more medals on their catalog!

The product range includes both gold, silver or bronze prize winners from any sport imaginable; they also have a large selection of other Awards gifts for fans who want something special with exactly what you’re looking for – A-Z names included (including) fencing foil kits !

Germany is a great place to find online medals stores. The top10 list provided gives you a variety of options to choose from when looking for the perfect medal store for your needs. Whether you are looking for an Olympic-style medal or something more unique, these ten stores will have what you are looking for. With such a wide selection, it is easy to find the perfect store to meet your needs and get that winning feeling!


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