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5Tips For Order Custom Bib Numbers

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5Tips For Order Custom Bib Numbers

5Tips For Order Custom Bib Numbers

What Is Bib Numbers

Bib numbers are a unique identification number given to each participant in a race. Bibs are typically assigned based on the order in which participants registered for the event. Bib numbers help race organizers keep track of who is participating in the event, and can also be used to provide results after the race has been completed. Bibs are typically worn on the front of a participant’s shirt or jersey, and are often visible to spectators. If you are looking for someone’s results from a race, their bib number can be used to find them in the race results.

How Does World Marathon Majors Bib Numbers Looks like?

The number bibs of the six World Marathon Majors are an inspiration for any runner. What do they look like? Maybe you can find your own style in this!

Boston marathon race bibs

2022 boston marathon WBUR NEWS
The 124th Boston Marathon is sponsored by Adidas. They have been a major player in the running industry for decades and their logo shines bright at top center, with an black background that cannot be missed! There is a large size number in the center. At the bottom is the classic unicorn logo and Boston Marathon information. The entire bib number is in blue, white, yellow and black, a very simple and generous color scheme.
124th Boston marathon virtual bibs

New York city marathon bib number

Who is the sponsor for The New York City Marathon 2017? The sponsor for that year’s New York City Marathon is TATA Consultancy Services. You can easily find out who their partner company is because they have a logo standing right on top of all bib numbers! Except runners number,these bibs also display runner’s race corral and wave on the left corner. For large events with enormous participants, events organizer divide participants into different group according to their speed and set different starting times to reduce crowding, avoid trampling and ensure accurate race results.

Chicago marathon bib number

2021 Chicago marathon
Beginning at 2008,Nike Joins Bank of America Chicago Marathon as Sponsor, so on 2015 Chicago marathon bib number,you can see Bank of America and Nike logo on the top side together.
2015 Chicago marathon bib number

London Marathon Bib Numbers

London marathon
London marathon race often has a title sponsorship, sponsored by Virgin Money for several years, it is branded the “TCS London Marathon” for 2022 Below is photo for the 40th London Marathon bib number with Virgin Money Logo on the top and New Balance Logo on the bottom in black and white color. Center is larger number very visable.
The 40th Virgin Money London Marathon Bibs

Berlin marathon bib number

Berlin marathon
Berlin Marathon Bib Number in white color, A big BMW brand logo come out on the top. It looks like a privilege for title sponsor. Events name and date information printing on the left edge, Participant number and name printing on the center.
2017 Berlin marathon bib number

Tokyo marathon bib number

Tokyo marathon
Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. Is the premier partner for Tokyo marathon event and STARTS CORPORATION INC. Is one the major partner. So on Tokyo marathon Bib number you will see Tokyo Metro logo on top and STARTS logo on the bottom. In the middle,there is runner’s number, Gate and Baggage car number and name information. Despite the somewhat rich color scheme, the space is very well utilized.
2017 Tokyo marathon bib

How To Design Custom Bib number

It’s easier than you think to design your own custom bib number! All you need is some basic knowledge of graphic design and a little bit of creativity. Here are the steps to creating your own custom bib number:

Choose a template or create your own design

There are many online resources that offer free bib number templates. If you’re feeling creative, you can also create your own design from scratch. Just keep in mind the dimensions of a typical bib number (3.5″ x 5″) when creating your design.

Add your text

Once you have your template or design, add your text. The text should include your name, race number, and any other relevant information.

Save & Print design

Save your design as a high-resolution PDF or JPEG file. Print your design on transfer paper using a color laser printer. Make sure to mirror or flip your image before printing so that it will print correctly on the transfer paper.

Place & Press it

Cut out your bib number design, then peel off the backing paper. Place your bib number design on the race shirt, then press it firmly in place. Use a clothes iron to heat-seal the design onto the shirt. Make sure to use a protective sheet of parchment paper or a T-shirt transfer sheet between the iron and the design.
And that’s it! You now have your very own custom bib number! If the design is not going right as your expected,don’t worry, you can start over again. Well there is one-step way to design a custom bib number,just tell us your request on below form,we will make artwork for you free of charge.

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Tips For Order Custom Bib Numbers

When you’re running a race, it’s important to have your bib number visible so that spectators can cheer you on and officials can keep track of your progress. Custom bibs are a great way to make sure your number is highly visible and also to show off your personality or brand. Here are a few tips for ordering custom bibs numbers.

Order early

If you wait until the last minute to order your custom bibs, you may be disappointed with the selection or the quality of the bibs available. By ordering early, you’ll have a better chance of getting exactly what you want.

Choose a reputable supplier

There are many companies, Do some research to find a company with a good reputation for quality products and great customer service.

Know your size

Custom bibs are typically sized according to your height and weight, so it’s important to know your measurements before ordering. This will ensure that you get a comfortable fit.

Consider the design

When you’re ordering custom bib you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of designs. Think about what kind of design will look best on you and also be sure to consider how visible the bib will be when you’re running. that offer custom bibs, but not all of them are created equal.

Order in bulk

If you’re ordering custom bibs for a group of people, such as a team or an organization, you may be able to get a discount by ordering in bulk. This is a great way to save money and get exactly what you want.
Order custom bib numbers to make your event stand out. They are a great way to show off your brand and increase participation. When it comes to ordering custom bib numbers, less is more. Keep in mind that too much information can be confusing for runners and may lead to mistakes, Follow these tips to order the perfect bib numbers for your next race or event!

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