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5Tips for Choosing The Perfect Medal Size For Your Race

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5Tips for Choosing The Perfect Medal Size For Your Race

5Tips for Choosing The Perfect Medal Size For Your Race

Choosing the right size medal for your competition can be a tough decision. After all, you want to make sure your participants feel appreciated and rewarded for their hard work. As the saying goes, crowds are hard to please. Before moving forward, let’s examine the downside of using inappropriately sized medals for your event.

Disadvantages to using larger or smaller medals in your race events

Larger and smaller both inappropriate size for medals.

One potential disadvantage of using larger medals in your race events is that they may be more expensive to purchase. Additionally, if the medals are very large, they may be difficult to wear for some participants. Smaller medals may be less expensive but may also be less noticeable and prestigious. Another thing to consider is that the size of the medals may need to be standardized If this competition is held annually, or if you have a series of similar competitions each year.

Examples of popular medal sizes and their corresponding races

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the right size medal for your race. The size of the medal will depend on a number of factors, including the length and distance of the race, the number of participants, and the budget.

Based on 365MEDALS.COM‘s industry operating and order data for the past 10 years,we found these are several popular size when related to running medals

2” 2.5” 3” 3.5″ 4” or 50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm 100mm

50mm and 2” medals

Community and charity runs which organized by local community or Running Club is a great way to get in shape while also giving back. These events feature small Medal choices for runners of all ages, from children’s races up through 3K competitively paced running routes! There’s always plenty more family friendly activities.

The fun run is also a popular event where participants can compete in different categories, such as 3K runs and kids’ races. These events are organized by small running clubs or communities that value health togetherness more than any other factor like fame & glory (or prize money!). The size of these finisher medals needs to fit both adults AND children so it’s important for them not be too bulky at 50mm/2 inches wide – this makes sure everyone feels included!

The finisher medal for these types of races should be simple and small so it can fit both adults as well children. A good size would 50mm or 2 inches in diameter which is what you’ll see on most runners’ medals today!

60mm and 2.5” medals

The 60mm and 2.5” medals will be a little bit larger than 50 mm or smaller awards, while also being suitable for bigger designs on occasion! When you need to make your design stand out from the rest of them in an impressive way with details that are enough not just look nice but actually have meaning behind them -this size is perfect because it’s big enough where they’ll notice what matters most about their achievement without feeling too overwhelmed by how big things seem when interacting directly against another human being (or even oneself).

It works well with 3K runs as well 5K runs: if there are many different features involved (like color changes) then going about twice the usual diameter is usually best so they’re clear.

70mm and 3″ medals

Medals are an critical part of sporting events. They provide a way to commemorate finishers achievements and show them off proudly after they accomplished something special!

The most common and standard size is 70mm (or 3 inches). This small but mighty dimension can be used by any athlete in style!

It is always one perfect fit for many sports events.Whether that’s 5K,10K or half marathon or full marathon distance running titles; they’ll all look great worn by any athlete who deserves recognition because their hard work has paid off with this prestigious symbol recognizing excellence in competition play.

80mm and 3.5″ medals

For athletes and event organizers, choosing the right size medal is just as important as choosing the right design. 80mm or 3.5″ medals are a popular choice for events like marathon, because they are large enough to be seen from a distance but not so large that they are cumbersome to wear. This size is also perfect for displaying on a shelf or in a frame. If you are looking for a medal that will make a lasting impression, 80mm or 3.5″ is the way to go.

100mm and 4” medals

Competitors in competitions like marathon, ultra, duathlon, or triathlon, Ironman and other obstacle events will be more proud to wear a large medal that portrays their accomplishment. It’s important for them, as well- Displaying what glory was won at such high levels with effort put forth both physically but also mentally since most people competing have never done anything like this before so it takes some time getting used too winning first place!

Instead of 70mm or 80mm medal, The 100mm and 4” medals are more suitable for marathon or ultra-distance running.

There is no definitive answer to the question of which size for race medals are most popular among runners. However, based on anecdotal evidence and surveys of runners, it appears that the majority of runners prefer larger medals. This is likely because larger medals are more visible and therefore more prestigious. Additionally, many runners feel that they have worked hard to earn their medal and deserve a larger size to show for it. There are also some runners who prefer smaller medals, as they are easier to store and display. Ultimately, it is up to each individual runner to decide which size marathon medal they prefer.

Examples of popular races and and their medal sizes

2021 New York Marathon Medal -80mm

2021 NEW YORK city marathon medal size

New York has been hosting the marathon since 1970, but due to COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 it had be canceled. The 2021 New York City Marathon has honor of this eventful year with a celebration of fifty years worth!

The 2021 New York Marathon Medal is a round shape, with larger and meaningful 50th logo display.these medals in beautiful piece of hardware that any runner would be proud to receive. The front of the medal features the statue of Liberty in the center, with the New York skyline behind her. The back of the medal says “New York Marathon” and has the date of the race. This year’s medal is sure to be a prized possession for any runner who is lucky enough to receive one.

2021 Los Angeles Marathon Medal – 73mm

2021 Los Angeles marathon medal size (1)

The 2021 Los Angeles Marathon Medal is a beautiful collector’s item! The 35th anniversary of this event will be marked by an exciting new design. Participants can earn their own medals by completing the race, and they’re sure to appreciate having such unique hardware on display wherever fine felt necessities lead them in future endeavors.

The 2021 Los Angeles Marathon Medal made of zinc alloy, with 3 different green and 1 blue color painted. It has an embossed design that captures the most popular places in this city for participants to earn it by completing their race! The front features classic LA marathon logos while on back reads “year” followed shortly thereafter by distance – 26 miles 2 kilometers thirteen point two echo something like THAT’S RIGHT YOU CAN FINISH WITHIN REACH IF YOU purely commit yourself.

2021 Chicago marathon medal -80mm

2021 Chicago marathon medal szie

The race through Chicago is a long and challenging one, but you’ll be honored to have completed it with this sleek finisher medal! The 2021 Chicago Marathon Medal is a beautiful piece of metal that commemorates your amazing accomplishment! The front features the iconic Chicago skyline, while on back has words “ChicagoMarathon” and date/time for race. This will be sure to make you proud when displaying this magnificent medal in any room or hall as part award collection.

Awards don’t get much more prestigious than an entry into one – let alone multiple entries–of America’s greatest running events: Theamarie Flyer Renders are proudly presented by intuition.

2021 Brighton marathon medal -68mm

2021Brighton marathon medal size

Runners can earn a beautiful piece of metal to commemorate their race with the 2021 Brighton Marathon. The 2021 Brighton marathon medal is an elegant piece of metal that runners will be proud to earn. Not round and not square, the shape of the 2021 medal features a combination of round and square designs. The front of this year’s award features both the logo from your favorite race and its name, while on back are inscriptions honoring not just what you accomplished but also all those who helped make it happen: “ subscribed” above words “help bring visibility.” This distinctive design makes each pixel count with every step taken towards achieving our goal – reaching MAXIMUM figters!

2021 Boston marathon medal -85mm

2021 Boston marathon medal size

One of the most iconic and beautiful marathon medals in all of track and field, this antique silver medal features a striking unicorn logo, surrounded by a three-quarter circle on the top half with Words”BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION”, The bottom square is inscribed with the words 125th Boston Marathon. The unicorn logo appears symbolically as well, while dates from when the race was first held in 1897 also feature proudly at ribbons around this piece’s design which represent each year that it has been run continuously since then without missing any editions due to World War II interruptions like other major sporting events do today – making Runner’s World proud!

2021 Berlin marathon medal -82mm

2021 Berlin marathon medal size

The Berlin Marathon is a true test of endurance, with runners tackling the tough the road map on their way to victory. The Berlin marathon medal features an artistic design that will make it sure not be forgotten by any participant who earns this beautifully made award! It will make for great memories as well-the front side sign and elements on this city, while on there backsite shows finish line itself in order to show off how far you went during this race.

The Conqueror virtual race medals -100mm

The Conqueror virtual race medals

“Conquer the world with these virtual medals!” The Conqueror’s virtual challenge medals are a set of medals that can be earned by completing virtual races. Themed after the popular video game series,Famous Places, Seven Wonders of the world etc. All these medals have a custom uniform shape and design, with The Conqueror logo right upon the medal and usually with transparent painting on front side, for example when events related to water or ocean, there is blue transparent paintings on the medal.

Tips that event organizers need to know about medals sizes when planning a race

Medals come in all shapes and sizes, and event organizers need to be aware of this when planning a race. The size of the medal can impact everything from the number of participants that can be accommodated to the overall cost of the event. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing medal sizes for your next race:

Number of Participants

Think about how many people will receive your medals. Most World City Marathon offers 70-80mm sized gold, silver and bronze for participants; as there are more of them compared to other marathons medal this size guarantees that all winners can enjoy their well deserved reward!


Medals are an important part of any celebration and can make or break the mood. There is no doubt that larger size of medal cost more than a small one. The size of your medal will impact how much it costs, so think about whether you want something small for a smaller price or big with greater detail before making up your mind about what kind to choose!


Consider the logistics of distributing the medals. Larger medals will be more difficult to transport and distribute than smaller medals because they take up room and require extra attention when distributing them, but it’s worth considering for an important event like this one!

All related to the event

The overall look and feel of the event is important for everyone to consider, especially if you are designing medals. For example-a big bulky medal that’s too heavy could make a kid want nothing more than its neck let down in order not have such an uncomfortable accessory on their wrists or around their necks at all times!

Keep these tips in mind when choosing medal sizes for your next race and you’ll be sure to find the perfect size for your event!

Contact us to make free designs

Before produce race medals, it is better to finish medal designs in different size to compare.you can print down the design on paper and hang on your neck for reference.

Always feel free to contact 365medals.com if you are in process of creating medal designs or producing medals.


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