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Walking challenge medals- New Trend Of Valentine’s Day Gift

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Walking challenge medalsWalking challenge medals are a new trend of Valentine’s Day gifts, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of roses or chocolates,walking challenge medals are more unique and meaningful!

So that will give many race directors an new ideas to design their events.Actually there are many virtual race online already.People who register an event online,complete and after upload their records to the platform.they will receive a finish medal by return.

Themes for walking challenge events that attract valentines join in

Walking challenge medals for valentine's day gift (1)

Walking challenge events are a great way to get people moving and improve their fitness. But how can you make sure your event stands out and attracts participants? One way is to choose a fun theme that will appeal to valentines. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Valentines Day

Have walkers dress up in red and white and decorate their route with hearts.

True Love

Ask walkers to bring along a photo of their true love (could be a spouse, child, pet, etc.) and share why they love them.

Secret Admirer

Set up a secret admirer system where walkers draw names from a hat and have to guess who their admirer is.

Hearts and Flowers

Decorate the route with Valentine’s Day themed decorations and ask walkers to dress up in floral patterns.

Cupid’s Arrow

Have a competition where walkers have to shoot arrows at targets along the route. The person with the most hits wins a prize!

Not only on Valentine’s day,it can be everyday!

How to design Walking Challenge Medals?

Walking challenge medals for valentine's day gift (1)

Based on events theme

As we listed above, there are many popular and interesting themes.

Medals are a great way to commemorate your event’s theme. For example, the Valentine’s Day running medals will have an illustration of two lovers embracing while they’re holding hearts above their heads in celebration; Cupid’s Arrow Run Medal has his arrow pointing at them which makes it perfect for this occasion since love is often seen as something positive and deserved! Make sure that whatever design you choose features all things related specifically about what brings out feelings or emotions from participants during such events so everyone can feel included when wearing these pieces after returning home safely following completion.

Use romantic and sweet colors

Love is a beautiful thing that we should all try to share with one another.Love is holy, sweet, warm, rich. How to convey this love through medals? We should use bright, sweet, warm colors to make medals, for example: hot red like a rose, sweet pink like a girl, holy white like a wedding dress, clear blue like the sky…


It’s important to create a “you’re special to me” experience by receiving these walking challenge medals as Valentine’s Day gifts. This will help to strengthen the relationship between couples, and even help people who are embarrassed to express their love to say “I love you” to her/him in another way

I believe medals in precious metal color and texture are better suited to this type of medal as they symbolize eternal beauty, and still images often capture beautiful moments that might otherwise be forgotten!

Where To Make Walking challenge medals?

Buying walking challenge medals online is the easier option, 365MEDALS is professional medal manufacturer we have provide high quality medals for thousands of events. We have various design and template for you choose,if you need suggestion,our medal experts would love to help you.welcome to email us: jie@365medals.com



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