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How To Make Medals With Gold Glitters?

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How To Make Medals With Gold GlittersGlitters medals always catching most of attentions from the crowd.Many huge and famous sports events award the participants with custom glitters medals.

365medals as one of leading medal producer,we have make thousands design of medals with various colors of glitters.

Let’s see how to make medals with gold glitters on this article.

Glitter medal production video

The medals are filled with soft enamel before being covered with glitter. We first finish the enamel and let it dry in the areas that do not need to be covered with glitter. Then fill the glitter locations with enamel, just let them be 30%-50% dry. So when the entire surface is covered in glitter, the glitter will only stay where it is 30-50% dry.

Secrets to make glitter medals in fine quality

In 365medals,They do have some secrets to make glitter medals in fine quality.

First,To avoid scratches,we will protect medal backside with thicker PVC film.

Second,To make sure there is no glitters on no glitter enamel area,we will make enamel dry enough.

Third,Slow and detailed cleaning work will be done after glitter work finished.

Make high quality glitter medals,contact 365MEDALS


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