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How to Create Custom Dance Competition Medals

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How to Create Custom Dance Competition MedalsGive your dancers a special memento to remember your competition with custom designed dance competition medals. Uniquely designed medals are an excellent way to reward and recognize the hard work and dedication of your dancers throughout the competition season. Here’s how you can design custom medals that will be meaningful for everyone involved.

Choose the Right Materials

There are many different material can used to make medals such as wood, acrylic, crystal, rubber, metals. For dance competition medals the priority choice is metal.

The metals you choose for your custom dance competition medals should be based on three factors—your budget, the look you want, and where it will be worn. Whether you choose brass, bronze, silver, gold or even a combination of metals, make sure it is durable enough to stand up to wear and tear over time. For instance, if the medal is going to be worn around the neck during performance nights or competitions, look into lightweight metals that won’t weigh down or irritate the skin.When you order from 365Medals,there is nothing to worry about,all metals we used can passed tests like SGS/ROHS/EN71…

Include Personalization

Personalized details like names and dates can help give each medal a unique touch. You might also include inspiring quotes or messages that are related to dancing or team spirit that will encourage your dancers when they look back on their accomplishments. You don’t have to limit personalization just to words—you can incorporate symbols as well as colorful patterns into your design for added visual interest.we can make medal with an recessed area which fit name lable or tag perfectly.

Think About Size & Shape

Beyond metal choices and personalization options, size and shape are important considerations when designing custom dance competition medals. A standard round shape is usually the most popular choice but you may find that other shapes better represent what your team stands for or what makes them unique. And if you want something more eye-catching than a standard round medal, try adding extra flair with raised edges or embossed details around the edge of the medal. for example,laurel,lynx,eco scroll,lightning, wreath,stars,cross and other special design will make medal looks special.

The size of your medal should be determined by its purpose—if it’s intended as a keepsake item then larger sizes work best while smaller sizes are ideal for wearing at competitions or performances since they don’t become too heavy when hung from a ribbon around someone’s neck.


Designing custom dance competition medals is an excellent way to reward and recognize all of your dancer’s hard work throughout their competition season! From choosing durable metals and personalizing each one with inspiring messages to deciding on unique sizes and shapes—the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating meaningful mementos that they can cherish for years to come! With careful consideration of all aspects of design from materials used down to every detail included in personalization, you will create meaningful dance competition medals that will leave lasting impressions on everyone who receives them!

Looking for custom dance competition medals,looking NO further than 365 MEDALS!


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