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Get A-C.E. Baseball Award Recognition for Your Team!

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Get A-C.E. Baseball Award Recognition for Your TeamDoes your baseball team have an MVP that deserves recognition? Have you noticed any players who are particularly good at catching fly balls? Or how about a teammate who is always a consistent hitter? Well, then it’s time to recognize them properly with the A-C.E awards! These awards not only recognize ace players, but also bring some fun and laughter to your team. Let’s take a look at the categories you can award your teammates in.

What does A-C.E Baseball Awards Stand For?

The A-C.E Awards stand for “Ace Catcher Extraordinaire”, “Consistent Hitter of the Year”, and “Excellent Slugger” – three categories that can be awarded to recognize stellar players in your team. Here’s what each of these awards stand for:

Ace Catcher Extraordinaire Award

This award is presented to the player who has caught the most flyballs during practice or competitions throughout the season. This award is great for recognizing players who have made exceptional catches and outstanding plays on defense. It may even encourage others in the team to hone their skills and work hard towards making more outstanding catches next season!

Consistent Hitter of the Year Award

Consistent hitting is one of the toughest skills in baseball and this award recognizes just that! It goes to the player who has hit above .250 during practice or competition throughout the season (or whatever average you decide). You should also consider giving bonus points if they hit a home run or two along their journey as well!

Excellent Slugger Award

This award is presented to whichever player has hit 3 home runs throughout practice or competitions throughout the season (or however many you decide). It doesn’t matter if they were solo shots, grand slams, or inside-the-parkers – this award celebrates pure power hitters and encourages them to drive those balls out of sight!


The A-C.E Baseball Awards are great for recognizing ace players on your baseball team while bringing some fun into practices and games as well! Whether it’s someone consistently batting above .250 or hitting 3 home runs in a season, these awards provide recognition for all types of skill levels so no one gets left behind when it comes time to celebrating success within your team. So get ready to give out those awards – it’s go time!


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